Tuesday, September 6, 2016

I will Guard my Post and Everything within my post.....

What country came under attack on 9/11. 
The United States.
There's your Post!

And, from 9/11 Forward, our borders have been wide open with multiple Military base shootings, and people getting over the fence at the Whitehouse. No cause for alarm, everyone just returns to business as usual, while fleecing our country in every way imaginable. 

In any war, Terrorists operate behind enemy lines......Corporate Raider Liquidators.

It's known in the business world as a Hostile Corporate Takeover from the inside.

During a time of war, the President can suspend the Constitution and rule by E.O.
And they start changing the laws as fast as they can, while taking us broke, and stealing our resources.

They are selling us out, so they can enslave us into a 1 World Govt.
A New World Order, a Novus Ordo Seclorum.

The Transparency is, they're doing it in front of your eyes, but you can't see it.
Because you are blinded by your beliefs, your patriotism, your misplaced loyalty to a political party.

Stop arguing. And start digging for the Truth.
You have to be impartial. You can't pick sides. The Truth as in a court of law.
Your opinions don't count and neither do other people's.
Just the FACTS, as in a court of law.

It's your duty to be the watch dog of your Government,
that means nothing gets by you!

The boob tube is for the ill advised.
research the internet to realize.....

Google your Bing until it Yahoo's a clue!

You haven't done your homework. But "i" did.
Here's a cheat sheet for ya........


Saturday, September 3, 2016

You called them Warnings, but never heeded

1. If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy. ~ James Madison
There are 2 ways to fight a War, you are either on Offense, or Defense.
So when your country comes under attack, and live under the threat of an attack,
then you must DEFEND your country.  
They do that by OBEYING their 1st General Order.
I will guard my post and everything within my post and only quit my post when properly relieved.

In a war where Terrorist operate by Enemy Lines, from 9/11 Forward, the US Govt & Military left our borders wide open. Article 92 UCMJ -Derelict in Duty 

2. Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety. ~ Benjamin Franklin

A real Terrorist wants you DEAD.
The people you fight for your Freedoms time and again are in your Govt.
No? Then why do you march?

During a time of War on US soil where people want to kill us, they leave our borders wide open in a war where the Terrorists, operates behind enemy lines, and they Infringe on the 2nd Amendment so THE PEOPLE can't defend themselves, is a an Act of Treason, Aiding the Enemy - Article 104 UCMJ. 

The 4 Military bases shootings are also an act of aiding the enemy, no matter how you deem them. For how you deem them is not of the consequence, what is the consequence is that we have had 4 military base shootings where Military Personnel are unarmed on US Bases during a time of war and 33 Military are dead. That's the Consequences of not Obeying your General Orders.All 4 Shootings happened on President Obama's watch. He is Unfit for Command, Derelict in Duty and Multiple Counts of Treason.

3. I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around [the people], will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered. The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs. ~ Thomas Jefferson  

A Hostile Corporate Takeover from the inside...."Pyramid" schemes
They sold you out for a New World disOrder
A 20 Trillion Dollar Deficit doesn't happen by accident.
During a time of war the President can suspend the Constitution and rule by E.O.
thereby negating any and all rules and laws to sign documents to turn it all over to a foreign soverin.
Banker Bailouts
Corporate Bailouts
Nafta Cafta TPP, they sold it all over seas
The Housing market collapse, Derivatives & Subprime Mortgages
Harry Reid Selling our Land
Pipelines to steal our resources.
all of this is known as....Spreading the Wealth Around
And by doing that, you Fundamentally Transform America into ruin........

As the Egyptians built Pyramids of Stone for their Pharaoh's, you built Corporate Pyramids for False Idols. History repeats, it just disguises itself. Welcome to Babylon, DC's a Whore!

The word OF, actually means FROM (look it up)

Land FROM the Free, Home FROM the Brave
A Government FROM the People
Freedom FROM, Speech, The Press, Assembly and Religion.

When our Founders declared a new order of the ages;
—they were acting on an ancient hope that is meant to be fulfilled. ~ GW Bush 2nd Inauguration Speech

It's time to Castigate the Gluttons!

Novus Ordo Seclorum.....
don't say i, 
didn't warn ya!


PS - Government Devils Speak with a Forked Tongue! (can you remember that?)

Thursday, September 1, 2016

The Freedom Terrorists live in DC

And from 9/11 forward, neither the Bush Administration or the Obama Administration
"OBEYED" their 1st General Order

I will guard my post and everything within my post, and only quit my post when properly relieved.

1. All Military Bases on Full Alert 24/7 until the War is over.

2. All Military Personnel Locked & Loaded 24/7 until the War is over.

3. Secure Your Perimeter - The USA
(note: Terrorists Operate Behind Enemy Lines)

4. Re-enforce your Nations Capital - Protect the Eagle

Did they OBEY those steps?  No.
Then from 9/11 Forward, EVERYONE from Commander in Chief on Down have been Derelict in Duty under Article 92 UCMJ for Failure to OBEY a Lawful General Order, their 1st General Order, and just so you know, their is only one, 1st General Order.

No, If's And or Buts, you will OBEY, or you will be Court-martialed.

4 Military Base Shootings where the troops are unarmed - Article 104 UCMJ - Aiding the Enemy
When a US Citizen or Govt Worker dies because of that act of Treason, it comes with the Death Penalty, 33 Military Personnel Dead. All 4 happened on Obama's watch. 
No matter how you deem them, for that is not of the consequence.
And yet you think this Man is fit for anything but a Trial????

Open borders with 10-20 Million people in the USA illegally during a time of war, and a Government body that wants to give AMNESTY to people we don't know who they are, where they came from,  or what their plans & intentions are...do we? 
No we don't. 

During a time of War, Law-Abiding people use Check-Points......the Enemy doesn't.

And it has been reported that we have Terror Camps inside our borders.

Who puts in pipelines in the middle of a Battlefield? 
Hitler did it to steal resources, and our country is being pilfered from the inside.
Spreading the Wealth around is what they call it.
But yet, with all this Terrorism, nobody remembered what happened in Kuwait in 91, you know, like nobody could envision that happening here?

And didn't they have a few instances at the White House since 9/11? 
A man got over the fence with a knife and into the White House.

Now they want your AR15 = Infringing on the 2nd during a time of war,
is Aiding the Enemy, under Article 104

Real Terrorists want you DEAD, not your freedoms.

Who have the so-called Free fought for their Freedoms since the beginning?
Your Govt.
Why is it that you March?
For your Rights & Freedoms.

So...this is how you protect Life Liberty & Country during a time of war when people want to kill us?

Had the people in DC feared for their lives as much as they tried to make you fear, they would have OBEYED their 1st General Order.   2 of the Targets on 9/11 was our Nations Capital.

Another facet of dynamics of this NWO is the money.  20T deficit, loss of jobs via Nafta, Cafta & TPP, the housing market scam, Harry Reid selling land while killing an unarmed man, banker & corporate bailouts, multiple quantitative easing's to devalue the money, all the money and gold to Iran. It's known as a Hostile Takeover from the Inside. 

Death to America comes from inside, because you all turn a blind eye.

"The People" follow more blindly than the German's of WW2
they didn't have internet access, but you do.

"The People" sit and scream at the TV set while calling people names,
without every analyzing the situation, they need to be TOLD everything.
No critical thinkers amongst a group of followers.

A Nation on the verge of collapse and the majority of the people want it hand it off to a man who claims to know the system better than anyone, while claiming he never read the Constitution, and having 4 Bankruptcies to his name.  None of them are fit...ITS OVER!!! 
It has become destructive upon its means
Everyone for Prison 2016!!!

P.S. The Freedom Terrorists live in DC


Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Your cup of Hateful Ignorance, runneth over

Woe to you
of earth and sea
i come bringing

1 if by land
2 if by sea
this time it's 3
information technology

It's in front of your eyes,
but you dont see
you're a walking zombie
a Talking Pelosi
an adolescent baby
me me me me me

tattoos football beer and money
you eat organic GMO's
made from real milk & honey
America's so blind
it ain't even funny

liberally conservative brains,
of uneducated goo's,
sit and watch,
the TV news
from your mouth
their hatred spews.......

(THEM) you're a liberal, right wing conservative tea bagging racist pothead with a conspiracy theory....you're a truther!!!!

I'm a truther
and thats ok
i dislike
the other way

(THEM) thats not what I meant!!!

thats not what you meant?
what kind of people say things they dont mean?
they speak in opposites, from what ive seen

propaganda pimps, and media ho's
political pundits, our nightly foes
they tell a lie
and strike a pose
thats how
the opinion goes
the truth is out there
but you dont know
...hateful ignorance...
is what they sew

(THEM) so...so what.... I dont care!!

au contraire
mon frere
its no wonder
i have gray hair
you speak from your

streets of despair
chemtrailed air
you eat Fukushima Tuna
without a care

open borders
new world disorder
fracking and contaminating
flouridated water

pipelines across babylon
for miles and beyond
remember Kuwait in 91?
When oil fires blocked the sun?
do ya think Homeland Security
envisioned that one?

to those that study the theory of evolution
and the scholars of the constitution
to the smartest minds of all institutions
here's a global warming solution

marijuana is an herb
nutrients for the nerves
they give a lesser sentence
to a perv
while bustin your face
into a curb

PAIN!!!!! PAIN!!!! PAIN!!!!

Pain is the Gateway to drugs
not cannabis
but only an ignoramus
would disagree with this
a us patent by HHS
truly exists
for those that say its a ruse
ha ha
i just cooked your couscous
thats right, that patent
holds the truth.....truth!

paralysis and blue screens of death
vaccinating like it dont make sense
big pharma creates the pestilence
doctors inoculate with ignorance
while autism attacks the innocence
turning your head
is Cognitive Dissonance

oh lord
i thought id seen it all
now little kids
cant play ball
aluminum salts and thimersol,
pharmaceutical.....wind fall

you know
they dont care
and when our vets come home
there aint nothing there
the end result
nothing spared
at what point
do they care?

what difference does it make?!?
the history of evil you forsake
government devils tongue like a snake
YOU the people
need to awake!

stop the political chatter
you're mad as a hatter
open your eyes
lives have been shattered
can you see
or doesn't it matter

Jose'.....Can't you see?
you are not free
living in the land of blasphemies
no right to Liberty
denied by Govern-"Mental" Authority
its all plain to me
uninvisible as can be
thats why they call it

Why do people argue?
because someones not speaking the truth
rationalized conjectured opinions
are seriously....MOOT!

Do you see the Truth for what it is, or are you an argumentative liar that can't handle the Truth?

Grow Up America, nobody likes your Hateful Ignorance! 


Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Boob Tube Babies

That's what you have become , America.

A nation of Red White & Blue Babies that scream, holler, get mad & angry on TV and start calling people names like......

Liberal-right winger, conservative, tea bagging racist pot heads with a conspiracy theory
......You're a TRUTHER!!!!

Why do you behave that way?
Acting like a hateful child on the playground, a bully perhaps??
Your "Opinion" is that good......it needs reinforced with name calling and anger?
What's next, violence?
Beat your "beliefs" into someone??

Is that part of the solution?
But it's a big part of the problem.

Nobody ever became intelligent by mimicking the pundits of Main Stream Media.

It's start with your Politician's, and then the people on TV, and then, the mass populace regurgitates everything it hears. 

Why do people argue?
Because someone's not speaking the Truth
Rationalized, Conjectured Opinions
are seriously.....MOOT!

You suffer from Cognitive Dissonance
The inability to handle the Truth.
I call iT! Hateful Ignorance.

Your head is caught in a lie, and you feel the need to defend it.

A country of people that handles it's business & affairs, things that are of a highly important nature, with the mentality of hateful ignorant children. And you don't understand why we have so many problems in our society?  And it's all because people have a problem with.....the Truth.

In a Nation of Laws, those laws need to be based on TRUTH or else things don't work.

The things that you hear in the news, can't be used in a court of law. It's considered, Hearsay.
Factor in a lawsuit that was won by fox news, to where it's legal for them to lie on TV as it is a part of free speech.

Now factor in Government Devils Speaking with a Forked Tongue
The Rantings of the Propaganda Pimps & Media Ho's
How do you know anything to be True? 

You have to go looking for the Truth yourself. 
Everything your Government does is a matter of public record.

The real "Transparency" to it all, they're doing it in front of your Eyes and yet you don't see it.
Why don't you see it?
When people are mad & angry, they only see Red.

It's time to put away the hate & anger and handle your business in an
Intelligent Adult Manner.  Start educating yourself to see the Truth.
In order to see the Truth, you can't pick sides.


Monday, August 29, 2016

What are you pledging to?

United States - Each state is "Separated" by borders, rules, laws & tax codes.
Each state doing their own thing, thereby negating the rules of law.

Indivisible - Divided by Political Parties, Ideologies, State, Religion, Race, Education, Job, and on all the issues. This keeps the people arguing away from everything for over 240 years, that the people don't even know what a Natural Born Citizen is.
Indivisible.....not hardly.

One Nation - With all that "Separation" above, and everyone playing by a different set of rules & laws, then we are a nation disillusioned, and going in opposite directions.

under God - All those years of no God in school, now they want you to bend for Islam.

Republic - It was never supposed to be about a Republic or Democracy, it was supposed to be about Freedom and We the People.

Liberty - The freedom to make ones own choices, unless you want to smoke pot, a plant your body was designed to use, be gay, own an AR15, or made to hide your religion, and now some can't pick their own Dr or healthcare plan, and kids have to take mandated shots, from a software geek known for blue screens of death.  That's not Liberty, that's Tyranny. If "WE" can't pick and choose for ourselves, then we aren't free. LIBERTY DENIED!!!

Justice  - If you can be punished for exercising your right to Liberty under the founding documents, that is an injustice. If 1 US Citizen is allowed to do something, then so should another. Rule of Law is NOT observed. We have a system of injustice.

Anyone can make an argument, so where is the Truth?
Don't be mad at me, I didn't make those words, not true. 
Your Govt did, right from the beginning.
Killing Indians while enslaving Black people. 
They created Political Parties. They Program the Systems.
Remember??? You didn't build that, they did.
The Govt is ALWAYS the INSTIGATOR on this playground.
Everyone argues while failing to analyze the systems we live under for Truth.
Now come to understand why things don't work.
I am not deliberately trying to anger you.
I am trying to open your eyes to the injustices, and how they work within our systems.

The spirit of America is beautiful, but the Government poisons iT!

Open your eyes to the Truth, for that is Transparency.

knowing your history
is a way to see
along with Truth


Slight of Tongue

Qui Vult Decipi, Decipiatur - (Let him who wishes to be deceived be deceived)
Caveat Emptor (buyer beware)

Doublespeak - doublespeak disguises the nature of the truth. Doublespeak is most closely associated with political language.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Doublespeak

OF, actually means FROM (look it up)

Land FROM the Free
Home FROM the Brave
A Government FROM the People
Freedom FROM Speech, Press & Religion for a
Novus Ordo Seclorum,
a New Secular Order of the Ages

Now understand why things don't work as they should,
and why English, has never been declared our national language.

Government Devils Speak with a Forked Tongue! 

Don't tell me words don't matter ~BHO

They do, especially in contracts & courts of LAW.

In a court of law, can you be bound to a document, you never signed? No.

So.......where did you sign the Constitution? You didn't.
What makes you think you have to abide by a document, that you never signed?
Because that is what you were led to believe.

Ipso Facto
It's null and void yo!

A World of Deception
lost in perception
after closer inspection
its based on

You have been deceived.