Tuesday, September 6, 2016

I will Guard my Post and Everything within my post.....

What country came under attack on 9/11. 
The United States.
There's your Post!

And, from 9/11 Forward, our borders have been wide open with multiple Military base shootings, and people getting over the fence at the Whitehouse. No cause for alarm, everyone just returns to business as usual, while fleecing our country in every way imaginable. 

In any war, Terrorists operate behind enemy lines......Corporate Raider Liquidators.

It's known in the business world as a Hostile Corporate Takeover from the inside.

During a time of war, the President can suspend the Constitution and rule by E.O.
And they start changing the laws as fast as they can, while taking us broke, and stealing our resources.

They are selling us out, so they can enslave us into a 1 World Govt.
A New World Order, a Novus Ordo Seclorum.

The Transparency is, they're doing it in front of your eyes, but you can't see it.
Because you are blinded by your beliefs, your patriotism, your misplaced loyalty to a political party.

Stop arguing. And start digging for the Truth.
You have to be impartial. You can't pick sides. The Truth as in a court of law.
Your opinions don't count and neither do other people's.
Just the FACTS, as in a court of law.

It's your duty to be the watch dog of your Government,
that means nothing gets by you!

The boob tube is for the ill advised.
research the internet to realize.....

Google your Bing until it Yahoo's a clue!

You haven't done your homework. But "i" did.
Here's a cheat sheet for ya........


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