Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Boob Tube Babies

That's what you have become , America.

A nation of Red White & Blue Babies that scream, holler, get mad & angry on TV and start calling people names like......

Liberal-right winger, conservative, tea bagging racist pot heads with a conspiracy theory
......You're a TRUTHER!!!!

Why do you behave that way?
Acting like a hateful child on the playground, a bully perhaps??
Your "Opinion" is that good......it needs reinforced with name calling and anger?
What's next, violence?
Beat your "beliefs" into someone??

Is that part of the solution?
But it's a big part of the problem.

Nobody ever became intelligent by mimicking the pundits of Main Stream Media.

It's start with your Politician's, and then the people on TV, and then, the mass populace regurgitates everything it hears. 

Why do people argue?
Because someone's not speaking the Truth
Rationalized, Conjectured Opinions
are seriously.....MOOT!

You suffer from Cognitive Dissonance
The inability to handle the Truth.
I call iT! Hateful Ignorance.

Your head is caught in a lie, and you feel the need to defend it.

A country of people that handles it's business & affairs, things that are of a highly important nature, with the mentality of hateful ignorant children. And you don't understand why we have so many problems in our society?  And it's all because people have a problem with.....the Truth.

In a Nation of Laws, those laws need to be based on TRUTH or else things don't work.

The things that you hear in the news, can't be used in a court of law. It's considered, Hearsay.
Factor in a lawsuit that was won by fox news, to where it's legal for them to lie on TV as it is a part of free speech.

Now factor in Government Devils Speaking with a Forked Tongue
The Rantings of the Propaganda Pimps & Media Ho's
How do you know anything to be True? 

You have to go looking for the Truth yourself. 
Everything your Government does is a matter of public record.

The real "Transparency" to it all, they're doing it in front of your Eyes and yet you don't see it.
Why don't you see it?
When people are mad & angry, they only see Red.

It's time to put away the hate & anger and handle your business in an
Intelligent Adult Manner.  Start educating yourself to see the Truth.
In order to see the Truth, you can't pick sides.


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