Monday, August 29, 2016

What are you pledging to?

United States - Each state is "Separated" by borders, rules, laws & tax codes.
Each state doing their own thing, thereby negating the rules of law.

Indivisible - Divided by Political Parties, Ideologies, State, Religion, Race, Education, Job, and on all the issues. This keeps the people arguing away from everything for over 240 years, that the people don't even know what a Natural Born Citizen is.
Indivisible.....not hardly.

One Nation - With all that "Separation" above, and everyone playing by a different set of rules & laws, then we are a nation disillusioned, and going in opposite directions.

under God - All those years of no God in school, now they want you to bend for Islam.

Republic - It was never supposed to be about a Republic or Democracy, it was supposed to be about Freedom and We the People.

Liberty - The freedom to make ones own choices, unless you want to smoke pot, a plant your body was designed to use, be gay, own an AR15, or made to hide your religion, and now some can't pick their own Dr or healthcare plan, and kids have to take mandated shots, from a software geek known for blue screens of death.  That's not Liberty, that's Tyranny. If "WE" can't pick and choose for ourselves, then we aren't free. LIBERTY DENIED!!!

Justice  - If you can be punished for exercising your right to Liberty under the founding documents, that is an injustice. If 1 US Citizen is allowed to do something, then so should another. Rule of Law is NOT observed. We have a system of injustice.

Anyone can make an argument, so where is the Truth?
Don't be mad at me, I didn't make those words, not true. 
Your Govt did, right from the beginning.
Killing Indians while enslaving Black people. 
They created Political Parties. They Program the Systems.
Remember??? You didn't build that, they did.
The Govt is ALWAYS the INSTIGATOR on this playground.
Everyone argues while failing to analyze the systems we live under for Truth.
Now come to understand why things don't work.
I am not deliberately trying to anger you.
I am trying to open your eyes to the injustices, and how they work within our systems.

The spirit of America is beautiful, but the Government poisons iT!

Open your eyes to the Truth, for that is Transparency.

knowing your history
is a way to see
along with Truth

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